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Possession - Elana Johnson For a dystopian novel, Possession was AWESOME.
I especially loved the ending. I hate it when dystopian books usually end so very happy and all. Thus book shows the harsh reality of what Vi has to face in her world, with all the thinkers constantly invading your thoughts and brainwashing you. The ending also showed how no matter how strong you are, no one, not even Vi, can overcome thenpower of Thane. It felt more realistic to me. People don't always win all the time. Vi has never practiced her mind control before (excluding the two weeks of jag helping her) ergo there was no way she could beat Thane and his many years of training. I also felt that the book ended with a sense of finality, as if it could be read as a standalone and end there.
I thought that this had a rather large similarity to [b:1984|5470|1984|George Orwell|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31bMi9gBjXL._SL75_.jpg|153313], with similarities like the thought police and the ending (oh you can see my obsession with the ending!).
But there was a part in the middle of the book when I got very confused with who's who and what happened. I also got REALLY confused during the chapter of the simulators. I couldn't differentiate between what Vi was experiencing in the simulation as compared to what was really napping in the real world.

Overall, I really love the plot and the characters, and I'll definitely be waiting for the next book!

P.S what is Vi and Jag's real age? I must have missed it somewhere along the story.