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Blood Will Tell - Samantha Young This was actually a really good book! At first the cover put me off. I was expecting lots of blood and gore and yanno voodoo or something. but I decided to give it a try. What a great choice I made.
The parts that impressed me the most was the description of Eden's bloodlust.

Eden, we have to get out of here. Can’t you hear the heartbeats all around, the heartbeats of such delicious pure soul? Oh Eden, Eden, get us out of here. We need to feed, Eden. Let’s take them, Eden. They deserve it, Eden. For Stellan. They took him from us, Paradise. They cut him apart and snuffed out his life without caring. Why should we care if we do the same to one of them? Get the blonde, the one who killed Stellan.
The hunger shredded her insides with its vicious claws.
Hmm, yes. The blonde. Smell the souls, Eden. We want them. Need them. Need. Need. Take. Take. Stellan. No. Souls. Souls. Pure. Stellan. Need. Want. Give in. Forget. Stellan. Hungry, Eden. Hungry. Take. Take.

With prose like that, how could anyone put down this book? oh and it kinda reminded me of Gollum. Yanno, Lord of the Rings(nerd moment!) guy who talked with himself with all the 'my precious' thing going on? Anyways,the interaction between the characters in the book really let me relate to Eden's situation. I also liked the different POVs and the way they were arranged. It enhanced the...flavor, so to say, of the book as we were all like Eden you are so blind! or like how it allows us to see things from a different perspective and understand things that Eden will not. I liked the idea of warriors of Ankh, and oh my Noah! He's such a great friend. (this saying I would not like him to be more than friends with Eden) He's like a strong wall for Eden to keep a hold over her hunger.
The world that Samantha Young so skillfully created... Consumed me. I was caught up with every nuance, every movement.
My only complaint was that it was so short! Why can't it be one of those longer novels?! Oh 2012, come faster please!
This has now prompted me to start on the lunarmorte. Hope it's as amazing as this was!