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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa I actually really really liked this book! At first I was rather apprehensive as I was expecting a very cheesy mushy kind of book, and I was apprehensive due to the fact that this is from Ash's POV, but it was way better than what I had originally expected.
As usual, Grimalkin, the chesire cat of a Cat Sith, does not disappoint. He is yet again, a very integral part of the story.
We then see Puck and his ever delightful wit goading Ash.
I rather like the use of how Ash repeats his name several times in the beginning to ground himself when Puck is in his 'let's-irritate-ash!' mood.
Ash did not disappoint. Well, that's an understatement. He seems so... real to us. The lengths at which he goes to, what he sacrfices, though knowing of the consequences, continues to wow me so.

This book started off after Meghan Chase became the Iron Queen in [b:Iron Queen|8685612|The Iron Queen (Iron Fey, #3)|Julie Kagawa|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51K2Lf6y3IL._SL75_.jpg|7030253]. Ash is searching for a way to reunite with Meghan. He is accompanied by Puck to look for Grimalkin to find a way so that he can bemortal, so as to withstand iron and be with Meghan.

I was especially shocked midway through the book, when a character I never really expected to do so, showed up. Come to think of it, I almost forgotten about that-certain-person-I-would-not-mention! (almost.) Jlie Kagawa made the transitions between scenes smooth, and the pace was wonderful.
We constantly see the hardships that Ash and his company have to endure, in order to fufil his quest for mortality.

The part that impressed me the most was when Ash was tested. It showed me how everything has its repercussions. Your past, what you choose to do now, what is to come. It's not just all I want to be human! and with the wave of my wand kind of thing. I enjoyed it when Ash learns what it is to be mortal. That part of the book was the most imprssive, albeit a little short. The third one made me really emotional (I don't usually get emotional when reading), and my heart was breaking for Ash. The way it seemed so surreal, like as if on television, the way it made us feel not grounded, was that oart that hit the jackpot. It is a feat for an author to utilise that kind of writing to their advantage, and making the story seem, in contrast, much more interesting and vibrant. But ultimately Ash does make his choice (of course not without a price to pay) and, again I say, it does not disappoint.

This is by far, the best book in the sereis.
Don't think of reading it. READ IT.