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I Am Number Four - Pittacus Lore Well I didn't start out on this book earlier when the hype started because, well, I don't really like books that have been turned into movies. And the movie trailer was rather boorish.
Contrary to my beliefs, The book actually turned out quite well for me. Considering I was only reading it because there was nothing else to read and I was super bored.

So here's the skinny:
John Smith(aka Four) is this special teenage alien guy from a planet called Lorien, and has come to earth when he was a kid for his own protection. And he has another older alien dude called Henri to protect him. Because there's another alien race going all ballistic on them. But here's the catch- This rival alien race(aka Mogadorians)can only kill the special alien kiddos(there are 9 of them) in a specific order. Why they want to kill them? Er, I think I must have missed that part(something about their planet dying... I think).
ANYWAYS, if you harm/kill for eg, this kid whose number is 5(they are given numbers), the kid won't be harmed. In fact you will recieve a particularly bad case of karma, because you will recieve the harm instead of said kid. Like if you stab the kid's arm, your arm would get stabbed instead. How? because this spell that was cast on to these special kids when they were levaing their alien planet. Makes you want to scream if you were number one eh? They are special because they are among the last of their species and have special powers. The guardians do not.
So basically he's always on the go, blah blah, then in this town in Ohio, he likes it there, he has a crush on a girl, usual romance, has a wonderful guy friend to talk to, something bad happens, he runs off to save the day... Well you know how it goes.

I shaved off a star because of the narrator's voice. Sure, the action and finding your powers thingums were fun, but the way the guy narrates is just so... monotonous. If I see another sentence starting with the word "I", I will scream.

The reason why I liked the book is because there is a lack of Sci-Fi Fantasy these days, and to finally find one is a godsend. There is such a lack of alien books in YA. Me gusta Sci-fi. and action. And okay, fine, to me it's not as crappy as what the reviews say it is.

The character I liked the best was Mark. Because, and only because, he makes up the whole portion of high school cliches in the book. Until the part where he does not fufil the requirements for a jock jerk. Every YA book has a Jockey Jerk. Non non, Mark. You don't have a split personality. You cannot buddy buddy with another guy that you hate in just one day and stay the same. Esp a guy who got the girl you want. You defy the stereotypes, and as much as I hate to admit, stereotypes make the book more interesting at times. But you had a stellar performance in the first section of the book. Love the fight you started.

AGH. So anyways, I would rant more, but I have 6 books to review, and I need to conserve my juice.
Anyways, this book was interesting, but if you're skeptical about reading it, take a feather out of my book and read it when you run out material to read.

my full review: http://pineforapples.blogspot.com/2011/09/i-am-number-four.html