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Death Bringer - Derek Landy I GOT THE BOOK IN THE MAILBOX TODAY!! Of course I finished it. I sneakily read under the table during school to get more of the page-turning loving. (Though I don't condone it, more especially when your end-of-year exams are coming up.) Plus I have this incessant urge to let out a fangirl-gushing-madness squeal but for fear of sounding uncouth, I restrain myself.

This is by far, the most action packed and thrilling of the series yet. It was every thing I hoped for and more.
On a side note, the name 'Book of Revelations' would really fit this book.So many things are discovered, unearthed. And I loved it. LOVED IT.

Basically, the Necromancers have found thier Death-Bringer and don't need Valkyrie anymore! But oh we can't forget about her other personality *cough*Darquesse*cough* can we? Add one more person into the mix, Lord Vile.

Lord Vile is the supremely powerful necromancer easily identifiable by his armour, which is the vessel of his Necromanc-y powers. He went on a killing spree in the war years back just for the heck of it, and was under Mevolant(= bad bad side).
He went on hiatus after the war, and nobody could find him. But AHA, he came back! (like they all do.) His mission is to kill the Death Bringer because, uh, he doesn't like her (some advice: don't piss him off). I guess he since he used to be the one the Necromancers thought was the Death Bringer but he didn't want to because he preferred a killing spree.

It was also the biggest book for Skulduggery. You prefer him to Valkyrie, you will love this book. He has such a huge akasfhsuheskjh role it's incomprehensible.

My favourite character was Gordon. Because he was the same wise-cracking, egotistical, caring uncle who amuses me to no end. Though he didn't make too much of a mention, He made me want an uncle like him. And just a thought- does anyone think Gordon was based on Derek Landy himself? No? No? Well I think he is. Look at Derek Landy's awesome blog, then compare the dialogue with Gordon's. MATCH CONFIRMED. HAHAHAHA Gordon is the best.

My absolute absolute favourite is the Darquesse vs Lord Vile part. Absolute bliss I tell you, I almost peed in my pants when the part came. Though short it may be, I loved how the two most powerful people (with the exception of the Death bringer) were pitted against one another. See them battle it out in true villian style and keep your eyes glued to the page, eating up every word. What made it even more special, is...... well the thing about Lord Vile thingum (if you've read the book you'll know).

READ THIS BOOK LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Though you should probably read previous books in the series to fully understand the story.

My full review: http://pineforapples.blogspot.com/2011/09/title-death-bringer-author-derek-landy.html