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Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder When I first started the book I was surprised at the number of people wanting to read this book. I had only discovered it recently and the idea of a food-taster really intrigued me.
And boy, this book did not fail to deliver.
Although the descriptions of Yelena's flashbacks to her abuse were pretty vivid, they were quintessential to the overall story.
And oh I so knew about the Butterfly's dust. I KNEW IT. Valek is one smart guy. or assassin. or Potions poison master.
So Valek. hmmm I don't know if this counts as a spoiler but HECK I'll do it anyways. Valek is the male lead opposite Yelena. Yes, we've pretty much heard it before. Dangerous older guy, would do anything to help said damsel, RISK HIS LIFE, OH!, is really good at fighting, right hand man blahblah. But What I liked was that the romance didn't eclipse the book, nor did it make the book soppy, or happen wayyyyy too early.
Yelena's job as a food taster really was what made the book more interesting. I loved the techniques used for deciphering different poisons! The formulas. THE FORMULAS. okay my inner geek is showing.Never imagined how people could identify poisons by tasting it! SO COOL. I could souse this and find out if school food is out to harm me.
But what didn't achieve the final star was that the ending wasn't well developed. It needed time, not just a rush through everything my head hurt and I need to flip back a few times just to figure out what happened.
I felt Valek accepted the Yalena thing too easily. I expected more drama. Where are my disbelieving looks? My you betrayed me! s? Okay fine I am a sucker for big drama then resolvement, but I feel it would create far more movement in the end you know?

Anyways I did enjoy the book, and I really look forward to finishing the rest of the series! The next one looks promising:)