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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

The Son of Neptune - Rick Riordan I would say it is hard to not compare this book with the previous series. And I must say, Rick Riordan fared much better with first person POVs and I was rather put off by the new way he has decided to tell his story. And I miss Percy's wicked humor! OY VEY. :(
I would prefer it if the characters didn't speak through a third-person's POV, but alternating first person POVs. What distinguished the Percy Jackson series from other bland fantasy books was the flair Mr Riordan had with First person narrators and of course the unique way of using Greek myths.

Anyways, I'm sure EVERYONE wants to know what happens to Percy right? Pretty much the usual actually. Getting almost killed several times, getting into fights, learning new things, pissing off gods-well you know what I mean.
Now Percy has amnesia, of course, and as the reader we know everything Percy does not. That sort of increases the thrill, doesn't it? I say I was surprised to see a certain character from Camp Half-blood in the Roman camp. And yes, I'm not telling! It makes it more delightful when you read that chapter.

So, Percy and his friends Hazel Levesque(I have a friend with the same surname!)and Frank Zhang. They have their own shady secrets that they obviously do not want to divulge, but we get to discover them in the book anyways.
They enter a quest to a cold place in... where's Alaska in anyways? I suck at geography. OKAY so they went to Alaska, did a few in-ter-res-ting things on the way, involving some men in jumpsuits, a nice forest trek, a cool grandmama and some gambling.

My favourite camper is Octavian HAHAHAHA I know, how unexpected. C'mon, you gotta love a person who carves up stuffed animals to decipher its lovely entrails. I, am not being sarcasmus. It's sounds so fun and interesting! (Amusing in the, uh, purest sense of the word).

The ending is an INFURIATING cliffhanger. I am annoyed. My internal cynic screeches marketing ploy! at me. But oh well, sometimes we gotta ignore that voice in your head.

Perhaps it would be better if there was more time for the book to be released, unlike now where two separate series are fighting to occupy Rick Riordan's time. But aha, maybe that will be in the near future as we know the Kane books are ending, don't we? Ahh I feel like a playground bully, stomping on the Kane series. They're nice too, but not as awesome as Percy Jackson world, riiiiiiight?

I am SO psyched for Mark of Athena! Ten Pineapples says it's not about Annabeth but another Athena camper.

Full review: http://pineforapples.blogspot.com/2011/10/son-of-neptune.html