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The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey - Diana Sudyka, Trenton Lee Stewart I did not like this as much as the previous book.
And honestly? I felt quite dreary.

The interesting section came rather slowly, I felt. And when it came, it was far too long into the book. I mean I appreciate Trenton Lee Stewart's attention to details, but sometimes, it drags the story down, rather than propel it forward. The book would have fared better at half its size.

The climax was also a problem. I wanted to feel more excitement, but it seems that the most I'll get is from Milligan, apart from the tiny puzzle-solving involved, but yet again, we only see Reynie doing all the work. Constance's 'skills' were also quite strange to me. She never seemed to use them in time to help the team.

Maybe I liked the tests section of the first book.
Maybe I preferred the idea of Media having secret messages.
Maybe I preferred to see more than just the children lumbering around.

But all I know is that I didn't feel as involved with this books as I was with the previous. And frankly, I AM DISAPPOINT.


3.5 stars