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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Drink Deep - Chloe Neill I am not amused. I will spoil, and I will carp about this.

I didn't really like the first book in the series, though the rest were pretty interesting. This however, was a huge disappointment.
I thought Ethan's death would get out of the way and Merit would finally get someone else. Like Jonah! He was nice! He's so much more interesting but NO Ethan had to strut back in. Shit hit the fan for this one, and it was unpleasant.

I really don't like reincarnation of characters. I really abhor it. I hate it.
When I read the last few chapters, I was face-palming myself most of the time. I really don't get why so many people are happy with the fact that he was resurrected. He's just a zombie with more crazy baggage.
I simply did not see how he could help to advance the story. Old news, belong to the crematorium.

The whole raison d'etre of this book was centered around his stupid death and ashes. If he hadn't died, Mallory wouldn't need to comfort Merit. Then the awful book wouldn't get stolen. And a bagillion problems- poof!- GONE.

Fudgecakes and baloney. You do not change somebody's personality. Mallory wasn't supposed to be evil. Is this a ploy, to get Lindsey to be Merit's new BFF because she's immortal, ergo she needs an immor friend? You're saying Mallory likes dark magic, wants more power, and is therefore willing to push her friend aside because of it? Sorry if I come off as skeptical but this? I would go as far as to say this pretty much wrangled whatever redeemable quality there was left(hear the plot wail as it plunges into the deep pit of despair). I hate betrayal of bestfriends. They are the most stupidest thing to put in a book. Yes, add it to the list Vanessa hates terribly and constantly gripes about.

Why, why, WHY did you spend the whole book building up the Merit-Jonah relationship IF YOU'RE ONLY GOING TO TEAR IT DOWN?! Do you want a re-enacment of the mess that came from Morgan? I pray to God, you'll strike down the foolish relationship between dunderhead Ethan and senseless Merit.

On a really nonsensical sidenote- was there any relationship between this series and Sookie Stackhouse?
-There's a blood delivery service named weirdly
-Vampires are obsessed over Faerie blood
-Vampires reveal themselves to the world
-Shifters next on the revelation line
and quite a number of other things... like boyfriend activity revelations and whatnot. But of course it's just a coincidence! Why would we think otherwise?

Merit wasn't very... likeable. Especially so towards the end. Idiot girl. Which is the best I can say without screaming a mass. of. mushed. up. exasperation.
*deep breath*
Peace! Calmness! Goodwill! Joy! All around me! now go bring me the stake. ASPEN! I have issues to be mete out with. *twirls moustache imperiously*

I really upset at the way politics are potrayed. Does it always have to be the stupid senseless one? The bullheaded dunderheads? The ridiculous Greenwich Presidium? Is it to symbolize that political powers are always so... obnoxious? That in order to get to your goal you have to oppose the people in power, the people that YOU have elected?
It is pretty annoying by this time, to know that the people don't have the common sense to have a good leader. I don't think the vampires are as daft as to appoint Darius as their leader if he was such a troll as seen in the book. Extremities seem like the theme du jour for this world- what with everyone either white or black. What happened to the shades of grey?

That being said, I'm pretty sure actually I terribly sure you don't have to read this -join the skip-the-weird-5th-book crowd instead.
All you have to know, is that Ethan comes back as a shambling zombie(Please shamble to bits. Don't be a stupid zombie that doesn't drool or shamble), Mallory is suddenly the Wicked witch of the west, and read the next one instead.

Although I can't guarantee the next one's any better.