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Inheritance - Christopher Paolini Also found on my blog: http://pineforapples.blogspot.com/2011/11/title-inheritance-author-christopher.html

I read it with relish. Christopher Paolini's writing has improved throughout the years, and this book made me feel more involved and adding a lot more anticipation, unlike the previous books which where not as easy to plow through.

Eragon has also grown through the book, in age as well as wisdom and skill. He is no longer the farmboy living near Carvahall, rather the powerful dragon rider who is vital to the success of the Varden. He has become more matured and does what he needs to do, with the consequence in mind. We still see his caring side come out though, more so when his cousin Roran is hurt or if anyone is in need.

Just for the record, I felt that the book was aptly named. Inheritance also symbolises a passing down of sorts, and we sure do see lots of that too don't we? As the last book, it certainly deserves to be called Inheritance as we see that finalising in here.

Before reading the book, I was afraid that I had to reread the previous because I may have, accidently, forgotten what happened... BUT NO FEAR! There was an recap of the first three books in the beginning and I could thankfully start the book without having to flip through the other books furiously to reference facts. That, was a lifesaver. Whoever thought of that, you are a genius and you deserve a ton of chocolate for your geniusness. Geniosity. Geniusism. Genibity. Genie!
But I digress.

The battle scenes were. SO. EPIC. The alternating POVs Between Eragon and Roran reallyn made it even more so, as we see what's going on inside against Galbatroix and outside where the bloodthirsty soldiers clashed and blood flowed.
The eagerly anticipated encounter with Galbatroix was amazing. How would they fare against his power? What will they do? Or more importantly, what can Galbatroix do? I assure you, it is gobsmackingly amazing.
Meanwhile we see the Varden facing off the large manpower of the Empire's soldiers with vigour, Roran at the head. He fights and adapts well to the weapons he must use, though he is most impressive with his mighty stony hammer. We get to see the action and feel your blood racing as you get caught up in the exhilarating legendary battles only high fantasy books can deliver.

There are certain bombshells in this book and surprises around the corner and woah yes they are mindblowing. They open up many things for scrutiny and the turn of events are unexpected. You would not think of that happening in the first place. But it was definitely fun to see it unravel! Several chapters were chill inducinig as you feared for their lives certain were exhilarating as you get caught up in the plot. Oh the joy of reading!

The ending was exquisite. It doesn't just end there when war is over, but we see what they do after the war, which is of course a daunting task. We also see Angela's divination come about, which makes it ever so bittersweet.

My favourite character is Angela. And Nasuada.

Angela the queer herbalist has been as mystery to us all throughout the books. Who is she? What is she? What can she do? I admit, the element of mystery has made me like her more but damn, it would be nice to know her once and for all. Always there with Solembum at her side whenever the Varden is in need, I have come to await her arrival, for she always makes it more amusing.

Nasuada is the strongwilled leader of the Varden. I prefer her to Ajihad for the Varden head for she will do everything she can to ensure the success of the Varden, even to put asaide her hate with the Urgals after they killed her father. Without her, the Varden is helpless. She has the charisma and leadership skills that is rare amongst people, and people actually listen to her, despite her gender.

Just to say, I ship Aryagon. DO YOU KNOW HOW SAD AND DEJECTED I WAS WHEN THERE IS NOTHING DONE BETWEEN THESE TWO?!?! Damnit this isn't middle-grade, you know. It isn't a romance novel but that doesn't mean a little can be injected inside, right?! Ah troll, this is just too sad. Think of all the possibilities! graaaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhhhh This reader is going to strangle you for leaving me hanging unhappy. YOU HEAR THAT, AUTHOR?!?!?!

Inheritance was the perfect ending to the Inheritance cycle except for certain *ahem* things that fail. to. happen. , and I could not imagine it any different from what it is. It is what it should be.