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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - James Patterson Before reading this book, you could say I expecting something action packed, with I don't know, complicated flying sequences or some witty word fight, but I was rather disappointed.

The book wasn't bad, it was just quite undetermined of its direction. Why couldn't the flock just get to the lab and do some action packed fighting stuff, instead of running around and losing sight of their objective? It was a little immature, but seeing as they're all less than 14, I gave it a pass.
Like I said, the plot wasn't very defined, but I did like the twists that James Patterson put in, and the air of mystery and anticipation when it cames to discovering their history.

And I had no idea Max was a girl. Does the name Max sound remotely girl-like? No siree, so I was hugely confused when Max started thinking about Angel as 'my poor baby', because yeah, boys totally dig the "my poor baby' gig and wanting to cry at the same time. (note that Angel is only 6 and Max is 14.)
It was only when I saw Angel refer to Max as 'she' did I do a double-take and quickly revise my view of Max as this feminine boy who is prone to emotional breakdowns and outbursts.
Fang was the broody one in the bunch, and well, he seems very wingman-y although it would have been better if he, spoke more. Of course it defeats the whole purpose of a brooding dude, but he'll just look like a loner. Give him some witty quips and then you'll ge a real brooder. But that's just my over-reactive imagination talking.
Nudge is also a girl, but yet again, I never knew of this when I started the book! It was also rather confusing and sometimes when girls say don't tally up with what boys say, and since my impression was so twisted, naturally I just read with bewilderment while I tried to sort out the kinks.
Angel's abilities had an wonderful development alright but sometimes it's a few too many.
The remaining two of the crew weren't as impactful, so there isn't much to say about them.

It was interesting enough, and I will read the rest in the series to see what happens, but I hope it will have a tighter plot the next round.