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The End of the World - Derek Landy *May contain mild spoilers*

It was awesome returning to this world, which of course makes the wait for the next release in late august *flails arms* more bearable.

It was so much fun, especially Valkyrie's sensitivity towards vampires now (We don't talk about vampires!) oh it was so, oh so very amusing. Especially so when Ryan first encountered Skulduggery's brilliant wit. Not everyone can withstand the wonderment of his wit and intelligence you know.

So here we are, on another adventure, one of the many that if failed, *cue dramatic music* would ened the world.
By now this is pretty normal for the duo, and they are pretty non-plussed about it, but then Ryan here comes in the mix. He is the key to the Doomsday Machine (how creatively named!) and of course as a civillian, is pretty freaked out by it. But there's a bunch of nihilists (hat off to skul-man) that want to set off this device. And their after him. Naturally anyone would get rather skittish. But with Skulduggery and Valkyrie by his side, he's pretty much insured.

What docked off that little star is that the plot felt a bit incomplete. It should have been developed more!(so we can also have more pages >:) ) Especially the villainy scenes, more twists, the sort....Even though they have that one little twist near the end.

AUGUST SHOULD COMES FASTER while I fangirl in a corner. (that rhymed!)