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I'm here just to scope this place out as an alternative to goodreads and as a little bookbank in case I ever bank out of goodreads. (And did I also mention goodreads?)


About me: I'm a pretty lazy reviewer but big on reading so don't expect much reviewing but when reviews come, do beware of endless rambling about everything, including things unimportant like digressing on other unrelated books.


"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Touched by an Alien - Gini Koch *flings book all over room*
1) Timeline
All that shit could not possibly happen in less than a week.

2) Being serious
Dude. You've known each other for less than a week. You show no serious outward signs of love. And you want to get married. married married.

Also, Sovereign Pontifex. This one amused me to no end.

3) Kitty
Generally I expect intelligent people to be have logic backing their perspicaciousness, but for Kitty, *sigh* there was hope for her before when it wasn't too absurd, but then suddenly she was the all-knowing sage of extreme insight and intelligence.
She deciphered things too easily. There wasn't any reason to alert her to the discovery of anything. It was just a constant stream of epiphanies, and it was just too perfect that she was able to figure everything out correctly with no flaws.
Kitty is also supreme commander of amazing physical feats and fighting power which sprouts out conveniently when she needs it.
She is also a person of IMMENSE self-assurance and egotism, and not in the sexy way like Jace from TMI. At times I just really wanted to sock her and save myself from misery. There is a point where your sarcasm and self-confidence just becomes annoying and rude.

Whawhawha-What? What did you just say/do/decipher, What?! I like the action, but slow down!!

There is a lot more I would gripe on, like the infodumps on religion which was really out-of-place and quite irrelevant and complicating, how all the AC Girls seemed so lacking in depth, and just a lot of what?! that is just really confuzzling, and seriously, I need a flowchart to organize everything, which is NOT NICE when you are trying to enjoy a story and not obsess over things like this. And yet again, really, TOO CONVENIENT.

Other than that it HAD redeeming qualities that were just you know, overshadowed by the dark malodorous ball of unrealistic fantasy, like how she doesn't hate her parents in the h4tezz my mother so much !!1! g0 away dad you ruining mai life go away way. In fact she's pretty cool with her parents, and I like her rents. Everything in the novel was also pretty cool IN THE BEGINNING too but as it progressed I just went from interested to incredulous. It wasn't as bad as to warrant a one star, but heck, it's no three star.