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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare The angst meter has been tripled. YE HATH BEEN WARNETH.
It was interesting of course, but it could have been BETTER. I love Cassandra Clare's writing, but this one didn't feel as compelling as the rest of the books. It was really cool how there was a teensy reference to her Infernal Devices series, and of course, flailing was a requirement and oh the endless POSSIBILITIES!
Ahem. So anyways, it would also have been nicer if the books concentrated on the other characters. I mean, Cassie Clare did say that this part of the series was devoted to the rest of the characters, but dang I was annoyed when Clary and Jace blinded and overshadowed everyone else with the usual melodrama in their relationship.
It would be good to meet them in passing, or maybe have them as secondary characters and concentrate on our poor Simon BUT NOOOOOO. they don't.

Also, I'd like to slaughter Sebastian and stab him 37 times in the chest. And maybe eat his hands. WHY CAN'T YOU STAY DEAD. I want a new villan! *hulk smash* I don't want a 19 year old half-demon shadowhunter who has personality issues to be the villan du jour. Sebastian is just too... overused. He lacks all the characteristics of a reigning supreme evil villan, which makes it really sucky for us readers.

On the other hand, Magnus/Alec has been really good so far. THE RELATIONSHIP ANGST IS JUST *sniffles* I would read the next book just to find out what happens to them. Magnus! NOOOO! Alec! *runs after them* I WILL SHIP YOU FOREVER. LET ME GIVE YOU A PINKY HUG.

As always, I would continue to read the next book, but I just hope *crosses fingers* it will be better and up to expectations. 2013 COMETH QUICK! HASTEN THYSELF!