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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Good, but the story line was a little too stretched out. It's like one of those music pieces that go on forever- When you think they are going to end, THEY DON'T. (insert troll face here)
It would be better if the flow was more continuous and the characters more fleshed out. I really think Thomas is a twat and I don't see why Cas lets him stick around other than him being this really mediocre witch.
NOT COOL I tell you.
Other than that I really like Anna. I'd really like to have a jammie sleepover with her, provided she doesn't try to eat my brains or anything of the sort. *pulls on fluffy socks*
And the cool ass villain. CHILLS he gives me, CHILLS and boy did my hair rise up and feel the JEEBIES *shivers* It was bliddy scary when the scene came and I really do not want to meet him without a rabid cannibalistic goose with me. (Goose beaks hurts like a mothertrucker *massages hand*)
Other than that I would most probably find a nice time IN A BRIGHT SUNNY AFTERNOON to read the next book. Cheerios, everybody.