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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent I don't like Kori Daniels, but I think the book is really just fudging awesome.

I loved all the anticipation, all this buildup, the turmoil -oh the inner turmoil is so IMMENSE, you can call it the Crater of Kori's Crisis- and the seamless world-building. The world building is really just *tears up* . You made a world where pople have talents which are way BEYOND awesome and you put it in the premise of a criminal empire. Put the smooth transitions from two different POVs and the kickass action scenes- Ms Vincent, you have outdone yourself. You have put awesome in that little rectangle of dead trees sitting beside me. *shakes the book*

Now to the Kori part. You see, I never really liked Kori. Not in the previous book, where she came off as this trollop I had no idea why Liv made friends with, and I still don't like her in this book. Now of course I feel for Kori and this abuse she's suffered in the Basement of Bane and Banishment. I feel for her tortured heroine soul and the abuse she went through. But does that make me warm up to her anymore? no. But in my defense, what I didn't like about her, made the story more interesting.
I don't like her self-sacrificing attitude. She gives up so much for a sister who doesn't really require her protection. Because yeah, Jake Tower would totally hurt his best binder, who is, under FULL 24 HOUR SECURITY, and binding yourself would oh really give her more protection. More like give Tower leverage over your sister.
And since she has decided that her raison d'ĂȘtre was to protect her sister, do what you bloody have to do to protect her! The boss, will torture her and make you eat dust and become that dust if you don't seduce darling Ian to the syndicate. And boy, verbally attacking Ian Holt and bringing him to places which woud maybe scare him is really going to convince him that Hey, this sounds like something I'll sell my soul to!
But as much as I don't see logic in her actions, I admit they add to the amusement and fun and provides more action. Its like that football game where the players do really stupid moves but you don't shut the tv down because hell, it's more fun with less logic and you get the added benefit of more flailing around the field. You don't have to like someone for their actions to incite interest. (terms and conditions apply)
Thank God for the other characters.
In other news, Liv and Cam from the previous book do appear, and it was a rather epic moment, I must say. There was fighting to be done, and lots of skills to be used and *nods* it was a point in history to remembered, no matter how brief.

The ending however, felt rather weak. It was as if I lost the tickets to a live show I REALLY REALLY wanted to watch and instead of finding them ticks, I settled down in front of my computer and listened to the songs on itunes because HO HO, I can. I mean, IT FEELS SO INCOMPLETE. All this build-up and then the ending is severely RUSHED and so trigger-happy. I waited three quarters of the book for an ending that would VANQUISH ALL DOUBTS and deliver the solution to the story and, and...
Hades shares my feelings too. *pats him in consolation* There, there.
Personally, I blame Kori.

4.5 stars