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The Serpent's Shadow - Rick Riordan In a way, I am glad that the Kane Chronicles is a trilogy and ends with this book- More attention on Heroes of Olympus! (and hopefully faster publications! *crosses fingers*)

All that aside, the Kanes are up to their usual saving-the-world-from-apophis-demon-snake-of-chaos-and-twisted-fun plan which of course doesn't go as smoothly as they wished it woud be.
They go on adventures into the underworld again, meeting their blue-skinned dad, challenging egyptian gods, and off course breaking a lot of rules in the messy process.
SADLY, our resident Goddess Bast of felines and other catty endeavors does not make much of an appearance. Which is sad. Her amazingness is only mentioned in a teensy little bit, and *huff* not. satisfied.

However this novel felt quite lacking comparing to the rest of the trilogy. Sadie became a lot more softer- I really missed her badass sarcastic side. And there is a lot more focus of course, on the romance section, Carter with Zia, and Sadie with Anubis and Walter. The action was quite toned down, seeing as they concentrate on finding information, traversing marshes and not much of fighting in you know, up here on this lovely terrain. It would have been better if we were introduced more in depth to the rest of the house, Felix, Cleo, etc... They were pretty shallow in depth and we didn't get to know them better, it was just Carter, Sadie, Walter, Carter, Sadie, Walter, CarterSadieWalter and no exploration of the other characters. WHICH IS OF COURSE VERY SAD-MAKING.

4 stars is for being able to manoever out of tights spots with resolutions that were really well thought out, not any I am author hear me roar I put what I want *stomp* stuff and I tell you, they can surprise the reader, which is already a big feat. We also got introduced to more Egyptian gods and myths, which is of course an extreme plus point and the action wasn't that bad either.

I would recommend tis book to others, but it wouldn't be at the top of my list. Besides that, this to me was just a little read of le author's awesomesauce writing to relieve us PJO fans for the next Mark of Athena, where of course, trolling from Rick Riordan is duly expected.