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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"


Before starting this book, I was hoping VERY much that it would turn out to be kick-ass, what with the amazing synopsis. Hello? Supervillains? With the promise of boundless fun and action? I WAS DYING TO READ THIS.
But what was expected to be kick-ass sometimes became more ass than fun.
First of all, Damian Locke... perplexes me. He BAMBOOZLES me. Why would he go off kissing Sarah when he's supposed to be concentrating on changing his thumbprint? and don't get me wrong, Damian feels really platonic about Sarah, and kissing her doesn't even further anything. He just does it because, hey, when a girl kisses you, you gotta just kiss back eh? His decisions often make me feel very conflicted, and I really don't know what to say- I'm often just left there staring at the book.
Other than that, why is Damian portrayed to be so weirdly crass? I was really expecting the charming Supervillain, which did not come out, and I was left with there were quite some other awkward occurrences that were very strange and I felt mildly grossed out by Damian did. Most of these instances, include him moaning. And I don't mean in a painful way. (doesn't it sound vaguely pornographic?)

If he were a classmate in school, I would disassociate myself completely from him.

I also don't get why he wants to get back with Kat. She drinks herself drunk over her heartbreaking breakup with Damian and hooks up with other guys in the process, and not really exhibiting the behaviour one might have for a girl supposedly heartbroken and pining for her boyfriend. It's a bit too much, you know, how you are supposedly kissing other guys to forget Damian.

But anyways, the good bits. Well it wasn't that bad, there were redeemable points in the book -mind you, three stars is a "I liked it"- like when Damian reveals he spent about 500 dollars worth of subscriptions to risqué supervillain magazines like Hottest villains, Girls galore- Supervillain Edition, Naughty, Not Nice, not to mention all under his dad's name, one mag a day for two years or that really epic moment when he EMBRACES HIS BETTER HALF and tries to save that girl from the building on fire which the superheroes did not want to save because of her being all of the supervillain gene and all and putting worms in his dad's shampoo- now that, I nearly spit out my drink at his dad's reaction.

"Gordon comes in from the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe. His hair is wet and he keeps touching it, like he's feeling for something. He seems kind of twitchy. "Damian," he says, "can I have a word with you?"
I put my hand over the receiving end of the phone. "Do you mind?"
"Did you put...?" He shuts his eyes and shudders. "Did you put worms in my shampoo?"
I guess the worms all sunk to the bottom of the bottle. That or he's waited four days to wash his hair, since I put them there on Sunday while everyone was at church."

That being said, the humour was probably the only thing I really would go for in the book, the rest is more of a meh reaction, well like I said it wasn't too bad, execution just needed to be worked on, but if there is a next book, I'll probably read the first-- OKAY I JUST LOOKED AT THE TINY DESCRIPTION OF THE SEQUEL AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY MISGIVINGS INDUCED IN THIS BOOK BECAUSE... BECAUSE " It's about him trying to get comfortable with his hero side... and getting a villain power instead."
Leave me here to die. WHY MUST THOU TEMPT ME SO?!