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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi I was rather disappointed by this book. Frankly, it was mediocre.
After hearing so much rave about the book, I decided to give it a go and judge for myself whether it is, as many reviewers claim, AWESOME.
BUT NOOOOO. It bordered on the line of above average, but NOT as awesome as people have obsessed.
The bulk of this book involved foundation building, and it wasn't exceptionally interesting and it was very monotonous. JULIET, THY NAME IS MONOTONY.

The anticipation was not there. Juliette has numbed her feelings, yes. But in doing so, you have made the voice of the book more unemotional. Less vibrant, so to say. Very droll.
Useful, when you want to get the point across of her being broken and glum, then using more colourful words when describing her with Adam, or when describing her powers.
But seeing as these moments don't happen much, it sort of makes the book feel like a death toll.

But I did enjoy the way Tahereh Mafi's detailed description of well, everything, making much use of metaphors, although sometimes it may be RATHER overkill. There is only so much of description I can take before I REALLY don't care and start skimming. However, the striked out words in the book did add a more unique element to the book. It was something new, and I enjoyed how they showed Juliette trying to hide the facts, omitting hurtful memories from the past. They also answered many of our questions pertaining to the mystery of her family, background etc. It was also pretty wicked that it looked handwritten, make it semi-diary-ish and seriously, it just looks nicer than a perfect dash that's all.

Warren was an INFINITELY BETTER character than that boyo Adam. The slightly deranged megalomaniac infatuated with our protagonist. I can totally imagine him with a goatee and an expression of VILLAINOUS DELIGHT. He tries to convince dear Juliette to join his side with her death-touch powers with nice dresses, great food! and round-the-clock security. Of course Juliet gets in a little bit of a shufti with Warren and does that normal DYSTOPIAN REBEL POWER and escapes with her lover in hand and all that jazz but seriously Juliet asjkhsragelkajd as compared to Adam Most Annoying, you should have taken Warren! At least you can sure about his sociopathic tendencies and well, it's kinda hard to renege on that and hey, no betrayal! You'll know what he'll always do! (and you can spend all his money on extravagant stuff. That itself is a good incentive.)

Now you can call this a romance novel. Juliette and Adam BURNED my eyes off with the times they tried sneaking their in their little romantic interludes. Thank God this is Young Adult or we'll have about 150 more pages of uh physical amorous expression.
Just a sidenote- is the word 'dystopian' synonymous with the word 'romance'? Not that you can't have romance, but the scale in which we have it is MIND-BOGGLING. The love at first-kiss thing is getting rather old and banal by now, and the more I read this book, the less I think of Dystopian and the more I think of romance. Might as well add a genre called DYSTOPIAN ROMANCE.
So heh, since I'm not exactly having a bundle of joy, let's create a genre to put books like these. (and invent shelf names)
1) Because there's Historical romance, then there should be.... Futuristic romance. OKAY THAT WAS BAD doesn't it sound like some ... new-age way of love... and spacesuits.... and deep space tentacles.... *bad visual image* NONONO IT MUST BE DYSTOPIC SO UH
2) WE FOUND LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE AY AY why thank you Rihanna.
3) Rebel Romance?
4) Romance in Mutiny?
5) YA-rated Dystopia?

Personally, I like the last one.
That's about it and I don't recommend buying the book but you SHOULD check it out from your library BUT BUT BUT If you really want to, BUY THE BOOK FOR THE COVER because it's SHINY AND SILVERY. And it is a known fact that if something is shiny and silvery, it is generally seen as a GOOD THING.
Now back to watching Lizzie Bennet. (yes! *fistpump*)

P.S For a great example of Warren, watch Llamas in Hats. (CAAAAAAAAAAARL!)