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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Can I just say... wow. I get the hype.
I mean I only read the book because I saw people putting it as their PICTURE and as much as I like a chiseled intense face staring at me it started to get a little creepy after a while and well, HERE I AM, FINALLY reading the book.
I gotta say, this is a VAST improvement from Jennifer's other series with the secret academy thing that was so vaguely reminiscent of Vampire Academy. I'm not going to join the LEGIONS of fans putting it up as their profile pic of whatnot, but say, if the cast of characters expanded content wise to give them more dimensions, I might ACTUALLY start killing myself for the next book. But not yet, dear friend, not yet. *nods sagely*

So here a little skinny about Katy. She's a book blogger and she truly behaves like one as seen by the little WoWs, In My Mailbox and the Monday musings posts etc though the cynical me says PLOY FOR GOOD REVIEWS seeing as how us citizen journalists can identify more with kat but hey, the question we SHOULD be asking is why not? Why CAN'T she be a book blogger? That being said it doesn't encompass the ENTIRE novel like Me and How My Life Revolves Around Book Blogging so NO PROBLEMO. Back to point.
Kat is able to keep her cool. WHICH IS WHAT EVERY HEROINE NEEDS TO LEARN. Within logical means of course. She doesn't make TSTL actions that brings her within strangling point and she is able to think on her feet in face of danger. She doesn't go hysterical when she finds out about Daemon (that would suck) nor does she become the most understanding person in the world or best friends with the local conspiracy theorist. Heck, she even kicked some SERIOUS alien butt. But since most of the novel is about Kat and Daemon...

Daemon is hot. So there. He and Kat have a SEARING thing together. The only thing I can say about it is that if it were on screen, you would see a pile of ashes at where I was sitting. As Carissa says it, "It was pretty steamy, the whole ‘I’m screwing you with my eyes’ thing they had going on.” Consider THAT and the positively SIZZLING scenes that gave my hormones QUITE the party. *prods ashes cautiously*

The part about them being aliens IS a fresh turn from all the angels, demons, werewolves, vampires you name it of the paranormal, but it would be INFINITELY BETTER if they delved a little more into the intricacies of the alien nature and really defining their abilities and maybe hopefully explain how they can get their powers. As long as it stays paranormal. Meaning they don't go into explaining deep space and being TOO much of Scifi and stay Urban Fantasy. Which would really rock. I am also desperetely crossing my fingers that Daemon's powers don't delve into the "I can do everything in the world" and stay true to the principles of light, seeing as how their powers ARE light. We already know they are Luxen and have an enemy called the Arum ("light" and "dark" in Latin, respectively) and if we know more about the Arum and why their raison d'être seems to be after the powers of the Luxen. Surely their powers are good enough. Or can the Luxen absorb the powers of the Arum? *stares intently at author*

I will DEFINITELY be reading the next book but anyhoo here's what I am desperately hoping for: us to know more about Dee she just an overly kind girl to me and not all too interesting, Us to see more of Ash's protective streak, have more fun with Lesa and Carisa and of course, Kat and Daemon. Kaemon? Daety? Katmon? Katymon? (note to self: refrain from making them sound like pokemon)(Katymon, I chooooose you!) (katymon! katymon!)*notices you* *sputters* What are you doing? YOU SHOULD BE READING THIS NOW. *points at bookstore*