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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman I like High Fantasy to the CORE but this was just too SLOW. What kind of pacing is that? I'm just left drooling on the couch with a bunch of infodumps rained on me. LET THE ACTIONS EXPLAIN IT FOR YOU. The book had an AMAZING PLOT that was ruined by the HEAPS of infodumps. As much as you have to establish the scene and the world, there are MANY WAYS to tell us about the world we read in subtler ways than an overeager tour guide.
It would have been amazing at 3/4 its size and god if you put in more fun times with the Prince Lucian and Seraphina readers will just swoon in delight- BUT OV VEY, we are bored by the world building so much, that when the juicy bits come, the excitement is dulled.
If there is a sequel I would SCRUTINIZE every review before reading it, because I'm not sure if I really want to waste my time like that. After all, there are other more action and magic-oriented dragon books out there.