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"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you"

Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake So there. I gave it a four. JUDGE ME NOW.
[inserts imperious face]
The first section of the book was quite slow-paced, what with Cas getting over the death of Anna and hiding his INNER PAIN under his stoic visage but it does tend to tip over to being a little too dreary. I mean I understand that Cassel has to get into this serious weepy mood SOMETIME but it kind of drags all the way... for close to 2/3 of the book.

Other than that the rest of the book is pretty peachy and *kickapow!* action is injected with Cas's trademark macabre humour, accompanied by very deliciously horrifying BLOOD and GORE and OOZE and well, horrifying stuff such as SKELETONS THAT STARE AT YOU and the OBEAHMAN (do you not remember that freaky dude. His stomach was having the rumblies that only cats could satisfy.) and EYES THAT WATCH YOU SILENTLY. *turns light on brighter* All very cool stuff that happens indeed.

We do get to see a side of the mysterious ghost banishing subculture in the form of this cult called The Order of the Black Dagger. (there was a much more impressive gaelic name for it but I can only remember that it ends with "dubh" which rhymes with "poo" and it gives me all the feelings about Barrons this isn't even related to the book graghhhh I blame run on sentences)
Ahem. So they are this group that Cas's dad was linked to and a lot of other backstory is involved but what you need to know is their avid belief that Cas's Athame(and all athames) is apparently sentient and capable of choosing its victims. (ONE ATHAME TO RULE THEM ALL.)
Apart from some of their bigoted and brainwashed members *cough*Jestine*cough* the Order of the Black Dagger was just so strangely interesting. At one point THEY WERE GENUFLECTING TO AN ATHAME. A MAN-MADE STICK OF DEATH AND DOOM. It's so WEIRDLY fascinating- we need to know more of their crazy shenanigans and their funny cult habits.

Now there's a scene called Suicide Forest and it happens quite far in the book- The most I am willing to say is to not read it at night or even in the morning, but IN A VERY CROWDED AND DENSELY POPULATED AREA.
And to protect yourself and give a hint of your waiting predicament- here's a piece of very good advice from the Doctor:
*glares piercingly at room*
That is all, folks.

Don't let the four bugger you down- I just don't deal well with slow stuff in general BUT NORMAL, SANE AND THOUGHTFUL PEOPLE GENERALLY DO so... Yes. READ IT. *shakes Mofran's voodoo stuff at you*