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Palace of Stone - Shannon Hale It was pretty good, but just alright. Though I really liked how it brought into perspective the tension underlying the kingdom and the heady enthusiasm and conviction of the rebels, Palace of Stone lacked the charm of [b:Princess Academy|85990|Princess Academy (Princess Academy, #1)|Shannon Hale|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1349410861s/85990.jpg|3299770].

It could have been partly due to setting and location, but I thought that there could be more palace intrigue and maybe more ventures into the common life, rather than just what we see when Miri gets involved in rebel action.
(tangent: Someone should make a tone poem/lieder out of the poems at the start of every chapter. It would be AWESOME.)

As much as I loved going back into the world of Danland (which suspiciously sounds like Danmark) I was disappointed by how it did not go beyond my expectations and how it failed to impress me as much as it did in Princess Academy.

PRE-REVIEW 29/7/2012

KILL ME NOW. *hyperventilates*