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Ultraviolet - R.J. Anderson This review is not REALLY a review - I am putting this here for when I want to read sequels and when I go all WHAT HAPPENED??? or WHAT IS HER NAME???, then I can go remindsies myself that this thing exists and I can be happy and be all like yay and psyched for the sequel.

But if you just want spoilers well then you GOT spoilers.

Alison is a girl, who can see the tetrachromic plane of colours- she goes to a hospital and a psychiatric camp, where she meets the scientist/alternate dimentioner Dr Sebastien Faraday.
He's hot, and they both make googly eyes at each other, and they don't play doctor bc this is YA, and insta-love at first sight. He's an alien, but he is STRANGELY ADAMANT that he's not because they look like us humans and also because they may share ancestors. Whatever. The Australopithecus could have done the dirty with a platypus and Alison would still think he's hot.

There's another boy (there always is) and his name is Kirk, and he's cool but gets weird. He's a pyromaniac and becomes psychotically depressed some times.
When we are introduced to him he was watching something on the camp's computer that Alison Would Not Say- I suspect porn but idk NOT IMPORTANT.
His parents are dead but he still pretends that they're alive- but what the hell where did he go to when he was discharged from Pine Hill did he go live out his life vicariously in a seedy bar or did I miss something (I betting on the latter).
He was BFFs with Alison at the start but then Things Happen (not important) and it turns out woah he was crushing on Alison from the start! Alison rejects him because he can't take a strong white woman saying helllll no ur not hot go away and so he starts a fire in the library.
Alison, is conveniently situated next to a fire alarm bell and she's sensitive to sound because SYNESTASIA and so shit happens. Little twerp. He tries to get back to normal with Alison afterwards, joking around and all BUT DOES HE APOLOGIZE FOR ACTING ALL MOLESTY? no. (bitch)

Alison's family is a little bundle of messed up but we don't really know much of them except that her Granmére was an awful mom to A's mom and Gmére has synesthesia too.
A's mom is a little messed up because of that and so she's very NO DAUGHTER YOU ARE CRAZY but then she gets over her horrid mom and does her best to love A more though it's very difficult and stuff. She does testify against her daughter in a court appeal (this is where you hate her) but she is all history spilly and promising to help her daughter (this is where you're all weepy). Her Dad and bro-- Eh.

So yeah.

Anyways plot wise Dr Faraday is a stranded alien on the plane of earth, and wants to get back to his planet. The girl, Tori, who A was all Alack! I killed her! But not her story! is also an alien and that's why Alison hates her (racism tbh) BUT ALSO because all aliens have a transmitter for tickets back home and Alison can hear the transmission and she is all NOOOOOO THE HORROR ITS A LIKE A MOSQUITO (okay I sympathize 500% - that's mothertruckingly annoying and bad and awful) so she sent Tori to the plane whence Tori originated from. Which Alison doesn't know she did and all she sees is disintegration so she's all WTF?
But anyways.
Dr F is met in the Pine Hills camp where he claims to be a scientist and they bond over scintillating conversation about the wonders of synesthesia and keyboard piano. (I for one, find the 16/17 and 20 year old maturity gap quite icky. And Alison should have bartered for a Steinway. No risk of electrical wires, and you can exploit the pants off the camp's deep pockets.)
Anyways what ever else happens is not really important, but just know that when A is released the two go back to the place where Tori was "disintegrated" and find the dimensional rift where wormholes are a-wriggling and Tori goes crazy because you know, MOSQUITO NOISE HAS GOTTEN WORSE and lo and behold- THE DIMENSIONAL RELAY THEY'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR and they go traipsing off into the alt dimension and then they find a backstabbing scientist and Tori and this part was surprisingly short and meh but A becomes all I EMBRACE MY SENSES FULLY and then they find the correct wormhole with her ultraviolet spectrum and Tori and A go back. (without Dr Faraway, which, okay, makes me feel the teensiest little achy heartbreak.)

(This could have been Space Opera. Resembling Sirantha Jax, just more adolescent and G rated, and not as tough woman as her too. Just saying.)