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Teen Idol - Meg Cabot This has reminded me of why I love reading Meg cabot's books. Her strong heroines are the absolutely BEST.
I really like Jen. She's... mayonnaise. Yes. She smoothes over everything, and cares about everyone.
She helped Cara, doesn't hold grudges, and has a spunky personality. Olus the fact she doesn't go moony-eyed over the movie-star.
I really really really liked this book. It had no posessive girls, or fighting with the 'In' Clique- mainly because everyone likes Jen. This book switches between Jen's fisrt person POV and the Ask annie column. I have to say, her column amused me the most. Her advice was so different from normal help columns, more real in a sense.
Another absolute best part of Meg Cabot's books are the best-friends. Her best friends are the ultimate true friends. They make you want to be their best friend. Their personality jusst draws you in.
And oh, CONFLICT. There is always conflict in this book, and I say, it went nicely.
Please go back to writing these sort of books! They are more interesting than your current other ones.