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Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski WOOHOO! I FINISHED THE BOOK!! And it turned out very well actually. Love,love LOVE the story. It ended perfect, plot was wonderful and interesting, although I'm not sure what she'll do about the Chlamydia .

When starting out this book, I of course had a few impressions on how it would turn out. I didn't really think the plot line would work out well towards the end- it was spiraling deeper and deeper into craziness. But oh boy, am I glad it worked out so well. I was first attracted to this book by the title and the number of people reading this book,so I decided to give it a try.

It starts off pretty simple- April's father is moving to Cleveland with his wife Penny, but April wants to stay in Ohio. However, Her mother is in Paris with her boyfriend and Matthew, April's younger brother, so chances of her staying are pretty much nil. She comes up with a solution to stay with her friend Vi to finish her school year. Conveniently, Vi's mother is going off to perform in the touring Broadway musical "Mary Poppins" and guess what, April's father knows nothing about it. So yes, she manages to convince them, has a super large allowance, and has a car to top it off. Pretty good eh? Then of course, being the irresponsible teenager, she blows her money on a hot tub, adopts a cat, spends way too much money again, and it all continues on and on.

In the end I really liked Hudson, although I despised him and imagined him as this womanizing, girl-friend stealing Casanova. But my favourite character was April's mom.
She's like a pillar of support to April, supportive, understanding, and oh so very fun to chat with. Although the phone conversation April overheard was a bit too much. But I don't think she's actually blameless in this whole event. She, after all, was the one with the affair. But ah, I close one eye, and say she's the best.

April was very intriguing as a character. The arguments she goes through, the terrible decision she makes, are all very interesting and integral to the story. This reminds me exactly why I prefer first-person narrators. You see things from their point of view. Know their thoughts as to why they do certain things. Oh the joy of reading! Her many actions had caused me to facepalm myself many times and made me highly amused at times(I am easily amused) and made me connect with the book a whole lot more.

To as why I took so long to read it- I was having a nap-fest with my bed and thus was too preoccupied to finish reading this. Though I really should have continued reading.

Love this book, and I can't wait to see other books Sarah Mlynowski has in store!