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Clean - Amy Reed Before starting on this book, I was rather hesitant, as sometimes, books containing taboo subjects don't work out as well as expected. However, I felt that Amy Reed executes this book perfectly.

Through 5 different POVs(Christopher, Kelly, Eva, Olivia and Jason), we see them describing how they first got addicted, how their family also affected why they chose to take drugs or alcohol. The more I read, the more I wanted to comfort them, for the horrors they faced, for their insecurities.

The character I liked the most was Shirley, their counselor. She is frank, and very blunt, and doesn't waste her time telling them her opinion.
The character that touched me the most was Jason. Throughout the book, I wanted to strangle his dad for being so screwed up. He needs someone to beat some sense into him. I actually cheered for Eva's Dad, when he criticized Jason's father. He acts like a jerk, but inside, he's really a good guy who cares for his friends.

The cover is also amazing. Suffering from a bout of cover love. YELLOW! :)

Amy Reed has created a book that is beautiful, and amazing, it should be crowned the best of it's genre.

My full review: http://pineforapples.blogspot.com/2011/09/clean.html